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Modeling, analysis and digital/physical simulation of power systems with integration of renewable  energy sources; assessment of  their dynamic behavior and power quality impact

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In electric power systems are switched system introducing harmonic line mainly due to the switching elements.

Harmonics generated from nonlinear loads, such as switch mode power converters and adjustable speed drives, as well as other unbalanced loads in distribution networks deteriorate power quality in power transmission and distribution systems.

Nonlinear loads increase losses and produce harmonic distortion in the grid.


This harmonic distortion can be mitigated using passive filters.

Thus, passive filters cannot always provide a complete compensation solution.

As an alternative, different active filter solutions have been continuously analyzed in recent years. A conventional (APF) is typically composed of three single phase inverters and pulse width modulation (PWM) and can be connected to the load either in parallel or in series


Selective Harmonic Current Mitigation
with a Shunt Active Power

“Voltage and Reactive Power Compensation in Wind Energy Systems through a STATCOM using Resonant Controller”

Parallel kalman filter based time domain harmonic state estimation 160406