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A little about me ..

I got a Bachelor Degree in 2005 and a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2008 both from Electrical Engineering School of UMSNH. I was working at the Subdirección de Ingresos del Estado de Michoacan as developer and system administrator from 2006 to 2008. Since 2010, I was working as academic technician at the Postgraduate Department of the Electrical Engineering School. Recently, I got a PhD in Data Science at INFOTEC, Unidad Aguascalientes. My main interests are natural language processing, clustering,  and ML applied to power systems and text mining. 

Now I enjoy playing with my little children, specially with building blocks. When I have some time I use to make origami and read. My favorite writers are: Michael Ende, Ernesto Sabato, Miguel Unamuno, G.K. Chesterton and more... I am no sure if I have a favorite book but, if I would have to choose one maybe it will be Momo (Michael Ende) or Crime and Punishment (Dostoievski). I like the manga too, here choosing a favourite is easy; Hunter X Hunter definitely. Lately I have tried to practice drawing, but I am not good at. Currently I am developing a simple Content Manager, this site is base on the beta version.  Maybe in a near future the source code will be available for download.  

Contact Information

Email: jortiz at