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A little about me ..

I got a Bachelor Degree in 2005 and a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2008 both from Electrical Engineering School of UMSNH. I was working at the Subdirección de Ingresos del Estado de Michoacan as developer and system administrator from 2006 to 2008. I am currently working as academic technician at the Postgraduate Department of the Electrical Engineering School. My main interests are web development, Operative Systems and the modelling of complex systems using AI techniques.

Now I enjoy playing with my little children, specially with building blocks. When I have some time I use to make origami and read. My favourite writers are: Michael Ende, Ernesto Sabato, G.K. Chesterton and more... I am no sure if I have a favourite book but, if I would have to choose one maybe it will be Momo (Michael Ende) or Crime and Punishment (Dostoievski). I like the manga too, here choosing a favourite is easy; Hunter X Hunter definitely. Lately I have tried to practice drawing, but I am not good at. Currently I am developing a simple Content Manager, this site is base on the beta version.  Maybe in a near future the source code will be available for download.  

Contact Information

Email: job at 
Office Tel:   (+52) (443) 322 3500 ext 4370