Juan's Hobbies

juggling club icon Juggling: Doing the useless ... the hard way.

Have you heard the magicians' motto "the hand is faster than the eye"?
Well, the jugglers' counterpart says "the hand is faster than gravity"

Toltec juggler picture
Toltec juggler.
I know two tricks or three, with two balls or three.
I also know some four ball tricks ... and even started with five.
My balls repertoire (outdated)

I also do:
Devil Sticks
clubs (even some passes at the UO Juggling Club)
bounce juggling
contact juggling

Wish list:
cigar boxes
rola bola


track and field icon run as much as my knees let me
basketball icon (used to) play some basketball.
soccer icon (used to) play soccer
weight-lifting icon (used to) do some weight
bikeriding icon recreational, bikeriding ...
Anything but Golf or Baseball.

camera icon Photography

Is there a cheaper way to waste your money?

My Geek Code

People don't know what this is anymore 8^)

I don't think the geek code is general enough to describe a personality.
Anyway, there ...

    Version: 3.1
    GCS d- s: a? C+++$ U++>$ P++ L E W++>+++ N++ o? K--? w !O M !V PS PE? !Y
    PGP- !t 5? !X R? tv b DI D? G- e+++>++++ h---- r+++ y++++ 
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------ 

Juan Jose Flores Romero
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